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Sailamate is offering early access to sailors and travelers – make sure to sign up today!

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Welcome to Sail-A-Mate: the platform dedicated to helping adventure-seekers travel from A to B - with a twist.
Travelers offer their skills, whether helping with boat maintenance or teaching yoga, with sailors offering discounts as they see fit.
From local lakes and rivers to the big blue oceans…no matter the journey,
Sail-A-Mate has the perfect sailor in mind.

You set the schedule, you set the rules!
Interested to learn how Sailamate works? Look no further!


Design your ideal trip,

including dates and locations.


Match and chat with

experienced sailors.


Enjoy brand-new adventures

while sailing from A to B!


List your boat on the

Sail-A-Mate platform.


Find travelers and

finalize trip plans.


Earn extra income doing

what you love most: sailing!


Creating unforgettable memories
Signing up to Sailamate may be your best decision yet.


  • Explore from a new perspective

  • Trade skills for discounts

  • Guaranteed personal safety

  • Travel when you want, where you want


  • Share new experiences

  • Develop new skills

  • Earn money from your passion

  • Collaborate with like-minded people




Our mission is to provide people with the best adventure of their lives, by connecting them to water and helping them realize everything it has to offer.

The oceans are so much more than a location for people to jet ski and host yacht parties – and they don’t have to be a scary place either. That’s why we are launching this platform, to bring together like-minded sailors and travelers with a mutual interest in exploration and preservation. 

Sail-A-Mate believes that sailors are the best ambassadors of the oceans, from knowing about unique spots that tourists are yet to find, to identifying the many different species that call the water home.

With the help of our platform, sailors can share their love of water and exchange skills with travelers, leading to a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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Sailamate is offering early access to sailors and travelers – make sure to sign up today!

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